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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Video Parade Senyum Sukses Grup Enno Oriflame

Cihuy daahh rasanya kalau baru berkarya!! :))

Go Diamond!


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Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Lovely Big Sister

My newest song lyric dedicated for my Lovely Big Sister, @ebot79 ;)

My Lovely Big Sister
Music & Lyrics by Enno Widjiningrum

One day I had a dream
To have a lovely big sister
Sometimes I cried alone
Wishing God to listen

Twenty years from then
I've found someone I care
Told her that I loved her
Asked her to be my sister

When a dream comes true
I feel like brand new
I will take care of you
Oh my lovely big sister

Now I'm walking along
Together with my big sister
We often chat everyday
Talk about thousand things

Having you is miracle
Only once in my life
Loving is a bless
From God this can happen

Back to Chorus

I know you love me too
I can feel here in my heart
You know that I love you
Oh my lovely big sister

I love you

Fade out---


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's A Dream Comes True :)

Wow, it's such a long time without writing on this blog. Okey, let's write then. :)

I've decided to write in English because I haven't writing an English article for such a long time. I feel that my skill on written English has decreased. Ough... -_-

Ehmm.. so many stories has been untold on this blog. Well, it's lil bit difficult to tell the whole stories, rite?
I'll choose to write about one of my dreams that comes true. Haha.. it's lil bit silly maybe for some of you guys, but what the heck anyway. :D

You know something, I have one big brother and one lil sister. We're good siblings. No argument comes a lot between me and my brother since he's a calm person same with me. My lil sister, uuhmm... well, you know that she's the much more expressive among three of us. Definitely I have not only a lot of arguments with her but also a lot of togetherness. Hahaa... okey, our relationship is up and down. But well, no matter what happen we're sisters. :)))) Grateful for that. :)

Maybe I've told you recently that I have run my multilevel marketing business called Oriflame. Okey, I believe you know it. :) I have joined Oriflame since May 2011 up to now and for good I believe. ^_^ I have met a lot of things unexpectedly happened during my 2 years in Oriflame. Some are great and some are bad. But I always enjoy this business. You can read my experiences on my other blog :)

Anyway, Oriflame has helped me to achieve my dreams. Some of my dreams are crazy or even very simple. One of my simplest dreams is "I can do my own make up". hahaa... :D Great!! ;))))

Deep inside my heart I also have an old dream which untold to anyone except myself and God. :) 
Do you want to know it, guys? Really?

Sometime in my youth era, I have wandered to have a lovely big sister. Because I only have one quiet big brother and a childish lil sister. Haha... I have a dream to have a lovely big sister in my life. :)
Somehow, it is coming true through Oriflame. Sounds crazy, rite? :D
Yes guys, Alhamdulillaah.. I have a new big sister that I've found in Oriflame. She's my sisterline in Oriflame. :) Actually, she's the youngest kid in her family but I think she's a lovely big sister.

I haven't planned to choose any sisterline to be my big sister though. Because there're some nice sisterline that I can choose to be my big sister. :) But Allah SWT has given me the best moment for me to realize that she's a nice sister. And after realizing that I have the special affection to her then I've sent her a special email telling her that I wanted her to be my big sister. *huge!* :))) 

My affection to her is unbearable no matter how many time I've been ignored by her. Hahaa..
She's such a serious one when she's on her job. None can get her attention when she's doing her follow up thing to her network. hahaa.... sorry maybe you don't get my words but it's really funny. :)))
The best part from her is she laughs a lot and acts like a childish one with weird expressions. hahaa.. :)))

Oriflame is an awesome business that you must try because it brings a lot of happiness... :)))

Having a great affection to my new big sister is a bless in early 2013. I love her so much!!! :-* ({})

Dedicated to my lovely new big sister: Tuti Handayani Suherman ^_^
I love you full, kakak!! ^__^ *mmmuwaahh*

Big OOM SBN June 2nd 2013 Arion Swissbell Hotel Kemang

Director Seminar Oriflame Indonesia at BNDCC Feb 24th 2013

Big OOM SBN January 2013 and Djakarta Theatre March 2013

Otw to Director Seminar Bali Feb 22nd2013

Beach Club Nusa Dua Bali Feb 25th 2013

Let's spread the love in the world! ;)
Thanks for reading, guys!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Jangan Takut Dengan Perubahan!

Kali ini saya copas dari sebuah newsletter. Gak papa ya sekali-sekali. Hehe... :)
Bagus lohh isinya. Yuuk dibaca! :)

Anne Ahira Newsletter
Think & Succeed!

"Bukan yang paling kuat yang bisa

bertahan hidup, bukan juga yang
paling pintar. Yang paling bisa
bertahan hidup adalah yang paling
bisa beradaptasi dengan perubahan." -
Charles Darwin

Dear Enno yang mudah beradaptasi,
Untuk bertumbuh, Anda perlu melakukan
perubahan. Suatu perubahan selalu
menuntut pengorbanan Anda. Baik itu
keuangan, waktu, energi atau
kreativitas. Kenyataannya, perubahan
tanpa pengorbanan bukanlah perubahan
yang sebenarnya!

Sebagian orang ada yang menganggap
perubahan adalah pertumbuhan,
sebagian lagi ada yang beranggapan
perubahan adalah penderitaan.

Jika Anda memandang perubahan itu
sebagai pertumbuhan, apapun itu
pengorbanannya walaupun membuat Anda
lebih sedikit menderita, ingat saja
pada hasil akhirnya.

Seekor ulat harus berjuang dalam
kepompong sebelum menjadi kupu-kupu
cantik. Sebuah mutiara pun dihasilkan
dari pasir yang masuk ke dalam tubuh
kerang yang halus. Untuk menghasilkan
mutiara cantik yang berharga ini,
sebuah kerang harus menahan sakit
yang luar biasa.

Jika Anda ingin merombak keadaan yang
telah mapan, pakar manajemen Tom
Peters memberikan nasihatnya, "Jangan
guncang perahunya. Tenggelamkan dan
mulailah bangun yang baru." 

Kadang-kadang Anda harus keluar dari
zona aman dan memusnahkan yang lama
untuk mendapatkan sesuatu yang baru
dan lebih baik.

Jangan biarkan Anda lumpuh oleh
ide-ide perubahan. Beradaptasilah.
Lihatlah sebagai peluang yang lebih


Terima kasih sudah membaca...
Semoga bermanfaat. Jangan takut untuk berubah!! :)



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Friday, August 24, 2012

An Inspiring Video for Teachers

Dear readers...

Becoming an English Teacher was a little dream once in my past.
Indeed, I've whispered to myself that someday I could teach English in an English course.
And God heard my whisper.
Here I am....
I've been teaching English for the last 3 years (since mid 2009).
I am grateful because by becoming an English teacher, I can learn a lot of things. :)
I was a very calm and little bit introvert girl with quite good skills on English.
And now...
I'm still calm but not that introvert anymore. :)
It's truly amazing when I look back me in my past compare with me recently. :D

I really hope that I can be a good teacher for my students.
I'm still learning...learning... and will always learning.... :)

Warm regards,


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